Marine and Air born Insurance

Marine and air born insurance offer
The sea and the air are unpredictable areas which makes them dangerous in comparison to the land. This is why you, owners of boats and cargo shouldn’t take any risks. This is why “Avramov Yacov – Insurances” offer you marine and air born insurance with premium- with no comptetition.
Types of insurance in the marine and air born field
  • Boating insurance
  • Shipment insurance in Israel
  • Shipment insurance for the rest of the world
  • Marine and port insurance
Boating insurance:
This insurance includes the structure of the boat and third party insurance. There are additional expansions. This insurance covers all kinds of marine equipment like: jet skis, private boats, commercial boats and paying travelers.
Shipment insurance:
The insurance covers any shipment that is transferred in Israel from one place to another. The coverage is detailed in the policy.
Shipment insurance abroad:
  • Insurance includes transportation of shipments in all kinds of transports (by sea, air or land)
  • There are two insurance options:
    1. An open policy in the case of constant transportations.
    2. A closed policy where there’s a one-time transportation.
  • The insurance covers any types of goods.
  • The insurance covers any place in the world, including stop-overs in different places.
  • The insurance can be given to any customer or provider in Israel or abroad.
Why insure with us?
Avramov Yacov – Insurances” are experts in this field and have been since 1983. Also, the service “Avramov Yacov – Insurances” offers the best service with no competitors. A close and personal service that will fight for every premium so it’s customers will gain great service and will also gain financially so you won’t have to pay needless amounts.