Life insurance

Today, no one takes any chances. You have a family and kids that depend on you. “Avramov Yacov – Insurances” offers you life insurance that will in the case of, G-d forbid, death, loss of work ability or harsh disease, it will provide your family with a monthly salary that will continue to support your wife and family. The insurance is simple- the insured pays monthly for certain risks stated in the policy, and in the event of said risk occurring- the company will pay as stated in the policy.

There are 2 types of life insurance:
1.      Life insurance in case of death- Who will care for your loved ones after you die?
Life insurance packages in case of death:
1.      Insurance risk in case of death- and insurance policy that insures that in the case of death of the insured the insurance company will pay the family the amount stated in the policy, so the family will be financially safe.
2.      Mortgage life insurance- an insurance policy that covers the mortgage amount. In case of death of the insured, the insurance company will pay the amount borrowed from the bank.
3.      Life insurance that guarantees a monthly income for the family- life insurance that provides protection for your family in case of death. In case of the insured’s death a monthly payment that was stated in the policy will be given to the family. This is a personal plan created according to what would be most fitting for you and the family.
4.      Accidental death insurance- an insurance plan that provides financial compensation in case of a fatal accident. This insurance will give your loved ones the amount of the insurance in case of death.
2.      Disability or loss of workmanship insurance- who will take care of your salary if, G-d forbid, you couldn’t work like you do now? Who will provide a monthly income if you get an unwanted disability that will hurt your workmanship?
This is why there’s disability insurance to take care of your monthly income.
Insurance in case of disability:
1.      Insurance incase of loss of workmanship- insurance that provides you an eloquent monthly payment to the family incase of a permanent or temporary loss of workmanship.
2.      Insurance incase of disability- insurance that provides a single payment incase of an accident that leaves a permanent disability.
For each person to look over their insurance file every once in a while to see if the plan stated in the policy matches his personal and family needs. Also, life insurance comes in all shapes and sizes for each person’s needs. Pensions plans and executive insurance might also include life insurance so you should take not of that.