Health insurance

Health insurance offer

Our health is the most important thing to us, and if we were promised that in return for something we’d be healthy forever we
would do anything to get that thing- wouldn’t we?

At  “Avramov Yacov – Insurances” we offer health insurance that lets you pick what medicine we cover. The national health law is vital but it
only provides basic health care especially for regular illnesses, check-ups, vaccinations and so on. Also additional healthcare provided by
the HMO don’t provide all of our medical needs or will need in the future. 

The health insurance we offer gives you the quickest medical response and lets you deal with illnesses or other medical needs as it
happens while treating you with the best medical care with the top doctors from around the world.

What does our health insurance cover?
– Operations in Israel and around the world

   * Full coverage for operations in
Israel and around the world.
* You pick the surgeon

– Implants, treatments and medicine
* Coverage for implants outside of Israel.
* Special treatments around the world
* Medicine that isn’t subsidized by the government

 – Difficult illnesses
* Financial coverage for one of the major illnesses

– Nursing
– Advanced technological care and more…

Health in Israel divides into 3 categories:
1. Government health law: according to the law every citizen must be part of a HMO of his choice, and in that HMO he’s covered for basic health needs.
2. Additional healthcare: an addition to the basic health coverage that the HMOs offer at an extra price like: “Maccabi Gold”, “Klalit Mushalm” and so on.
3. A private health insurance: An insurance policy between the insured and the insurance company that includes expansions that are not included or
are partially included in the basic medical care the HMOs offer.

Avramov Yacov – Insurances” recommend: health insurance is an important insurance because medicine is an advanced field. What could not have been treated in the past can now be treated- but at a price. For this reason, we need medical insurance to cover that expensive price of the treatment and even if we need an advanced treatment that isn’t covered by the basic healthcare- we’ll have a quick and personal response.
Health care offer