Content insurance

Got expensive items at home? Worked hard for that prestigious living room?
Bought your wife expensive jewelry?
Of course you’d want your possessions safe from all harm and hand of thieves
although you have an alarm system.
It is not unheard of that things get stolen even with advanced alarm systems
and window bars.
What does the insurance cover?
§         Fire, lightening, thunder, smoke, fire or explosion.
§         Rain that includes hail, but not damage from rain absorbed in the walls or ceiling; aircraft damage, vandalism.
§         Theft, robbery, break-ins or attempts to do so.
§         Riots, earthquakes.
 §        Flood or flooding from an outdoor source.
Additional expansions:
You can add to the content insurance additional clothes insurance and personal items that belong to the customer and those living with him permanently in the same house. As a result of this expansion they will be protected for all that’s listed above except theft, or when found in a car.
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