House Insurance

Would you like to sleep soundly while there's a rain storm outside? Would you like to wake up in the morning and not be worried about water damage?
Would you like your precious asset that you work so hard for to be protected in case of an electric fire, flood or any other damage we can't control?

You can insure the structure alongside the mortgage insurance which is what assures you that you get mortgage insurance with the best rates
on market as well as an insurance that covers damage to your property.

What does the coverage include?
Structure insurance promises that incase of damage detailed in the contract, the costumer will get compensation for direct damage caused to the structure of the apartment and as well as that you will get the expenditure of hiring professionals to fix the damage like: architects, appraisers, engineer, consultant, contractor,
rubble clearance and loss of rent.

Areas covered:
Balconies, pluming, insulation, water boiler, heating system, gates, fences and all permanent additions to the apartment.
If the said structure is an apartment, the insurance also covers the relative part of the building owned by the costumer and of course loss of rent.
The structure is insured from the following damages: fire, lightening, explosions, water damage, floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, car crash, airplane damage, vandalism and burglary.


We recommend…
"Avramov Yacov – Insurances" recommend this insurance for those living in apartments and private house owners that aren't interested or have no
need for content insurance for example: rented apartments or mortgage.
If the worst occurs and great damage is caused to the building, if no insurance is bought- the building can not be rehabilitated if appropriate funds can not be found.
This is why "Avramov Yacov – Insurances" recommend this insurance because in the past years there have been cases of great damage that thanks to the fact that those involved were insured with us, they were calm after such damage occurred.

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